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          A sharp growth of Textile Enzymes Market in next decade
          Publisher:admin Time:2018/3/1 View:1034

          Enzymes are increasingly being used in textile processing — mainly in the finishing of fabrics and garments — including desizing and finishing of jeans. The majority of enzymes used for cotton pre-treatment and finishing processes include hydrolase and oxidoreductase. This has also led to significant adoption of textile enzymes in several applications. Given this backdrop, enzymes are used to enhance the development of environmentally-friendly technologies in fibre processing and methods to improve product quality.


          The use of textile enzymes is estimated to increase due to the technological developments in the fields of thermostable enzyme, protein engineering and enzymes obtained from genetically modified organisms. Prominent players operating in the textile enzymes market include Novozymes, Sigma Chemical Industries, Lumis Enzymes, AB Enzymes, and Refnol.


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