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          About us

          Innovation, honesty, pragmatism and efficiency

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          C-1 Massif,Yangtze River Bridge Economic and Technological Development Zone,Anqing City

          Shanghai office:021-64883379

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            Our company Anqing Meichen Textile Co., Ltd.,Was founded in 2015, formerly know was Shanghai Hao Jing Garments Co., Ltd. This was founded in 2007. Due to business development we moved the factory to Anqing City ,An Hui Province.  Our Company mainly engaged in the production of foreign trade OEM. Specializing in the production of Leisure, Sports clothing, And directly have the Chinese brand “Polor Circle”. Our products mainly include: Woven Jacket, Pants, Shorts, Sweater, Water proof Jacket , Cold protective Clothing .We also equipped with a mature Embroidery ,printing and Washing workshop.

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          Tel:0556-5223532  Shanghai office:021-64883379